Cheese Cake Box-Ivory

Size: 6x6x3 Inches
Sku: CUIV04-1


Finally! Cheese Cakes. Mouth Watering Right? We have a created a tiny classic box to showcase the true nature of this cute snack. These Cheese Cake packaging boxes feature a clear viewing window for customers to easily identify their treats. These Cute Cheese Cake boxes come in a four colours to match the cakes being made.

– Elite Classic –


  • These Eco-friendly boxes are made from durable, high quality food grade boards.
  • You can use these cute cheese cake boxes to fit other treats such as:Cupcakes- up to 4 Cupcakes
  • Brownie- up to 4 Brownies
  • Pastries – up to 2 Pastries
  • Macarons – up to 8 Macarons
  • Mithai – up to 1kg
  • The above mentioned uses depends on the size of the items*.
  • These boxes are super sturdy, easy to assemble and come with a window, which means the customer can have an easy view of the treat inside.
  • Easily personalize and customize with your brand logo and ribbons or decoration.




CategoryElite Classic
MaterialITC food grade paper board
Food GradeYes

Additional Info

For the ease of delivery and to ensure the product is not damaged, the boxes delivered are unfolded or flat for the customers.
Please see our instruction videos to know how to fold these boxes.
Color Accuracy

While we do our best to ensure that the product colors shown on our website are accurate, during production due to inks used, weather conditions and paper textures there may be subtle color differences.

Due to the factors mentioned, we expect the customer to accept slight color variations (if any), that are possible from our final printed products.

Shipping and Returns 

We take pride in knowing you are a happy customer. Our boxes come with a 7 day hassle-free return.

If you’re not happy, send it back to us (you will need to pay the  shipping).

So long as the shipping is within the 7 day window and we receive the product in good order (meaning it’s not damaged, or unable to be re-used), we will refund you immediately.

No refunds will be made for order value less than Rs. 2000.00.

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